apple In Memoriam
Tasha Tudor

August 28, 1915 - June 18, 2008

Orchard House is saddened to note the passing of Tasha Tudor at the age of 92 in her Vermont home.

In addition to other aspects of Tasha Tudor's long and prolific career, she was the illustrator of a centennial edition of Little Women, and also compiled and illustrated twelve of Louisa's stories in the anthology entitled A Round Dozen. On the occasion of Tasha Tudor's 90th birthday in 2005, Orchard House spearheaded the effort to have a state-wide proclamation honoring her (she was born in Boston), which was signed by then-Governor Mitt Romney.

Throughout the House in the Winter of 2005-06, we hosted an extensive exhibit of Tasha Tudor artwork and memorabilia loaned to us by Jeanette Knazek, an avid collector of Tasha Tudor materials who also loved Orchard House. We were privileged to re-connect with Tasha Tudor and her family at that time, and as a result, Tasha Tudor's daughter-in-law, Marjorie, has taught several craft and writing workshops for us since then.

Please see the official Tasha Tudor Memorial Website for more information about her life and legacy, as well as the Tasha Tudor and Family website for general information and products.

To all those who knew of and appreciated the talent and lifestyle of Tasha Tudor, her passing is truly the end of an era.

(Photo courtesy Richard W. Brown)


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