“Mood Pillows”
from Orchard House

Mood pillow tagA story passed down through generations of Alcott descendants concerns Louisa’s “sausage” pillow and its use as a family signal. When the pillow was placed upright on the couch, it meant that Louisa was happy. But when the pillow was on its side, the observer had best beware, for Louisa was in one of her “moods.” Many visitors to Orchard House have commented on just how useful such a pillow might be. But whether or not it’s used in the same way, this little pillow serves as a happy reminder of Louisa May Alcott and her home. This pillow makes a unique and fun gift and is a top seller in our museum store.

Photo above shows tag included with all pillows; inside is the pertinent “mood pillow” quote from Little Women.

Size 8” wide, 17” high. Each with zipper for easy washing. Price: $12.95.
To order, call 978-369-4118 ext. 107, or use our shop order form.

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Mood PIllow 1
Style 1

Mood Pillow 2
Style 2
Mood PIllow 3
Style 3

Mood PIllow 4
Style 4

Mood PIllow 5
Style 5
Mood Pillow 6
Style 6
Mood PIllow 7
Style 7
Mood PIllow 8
Style 8
Mood PIllow 9
Style 9
Mood PIllow 10
Style 10
Mood Pillow 11
Style 11
Mood PIllow 12
Style 12
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